Blister pen

Having a hard time getting the pills out?
Good news to rheumatic subjects and all other persons who carry on a daily fight trying to get their medicine out of the intractable blisterpacks!

Patients are supposed to be relieved of their pain by the medicine. But it hurts and is sometimes impossible to get the pills out of the package.

Nurses risk getting aching fingers and week wrists due to the daily handling of the many pills in blisterpacks.
But now there is good news for everybody! The innovative BlisterPen is a simple and effective tool that can be used to get tablets out of blisterpackings without strength or pressure.

The BlisterPen looks like a thick ballpoint pen. But the ink cartridge has been replaced by a thin needle which easily cuts through the blisterpack foil.
It is very simple to use: Hold the pen in a writing grip, click out the needle, and cut around the pill, following the edge where the plastic and metal foil of the blisterpack meet. Then simply turn round the pack, and the pill will fall out by itself.


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